Denver, Colarado

Denver, Colarado

Known as the “Mile High City”, Denver, the official capital of the state of Colorado, is situated on the edge of the High Plains on the front of the Rocky Mountains. This modern city is exactly one mile high or 5,280 ft. above sea level with a panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains from the rotunda. Free tours are available during weekdays with unobstructed views of the 200 named mountains as it is against the law to block the view from the dome of any of these mountains.

You can walk for miles in Lower Downtown, or LoDo, as it is known, or make use of the citywide bike-sharing system from Denver B-Cycle to explore the numerous cultural attractions.

Must See Sites in Denver, Colorado

The Denver Art Museum holds some of the world’s greatest collections of Native American art as well as famous works of art by the great European masters and Old West classics.

Explore the Wild West at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. Find out more about the exciting life story of Buffalo Bill Cody, the Pony Express rider, buffalo hunter, army scout, and showman. Those with strong nerves can take the hairpin bend Lariat Loop Drive to reach the museum and view a live buffalo herd.

Visit the U.S. Mint where more than fifty million coins are produced per day, each stamped with “D” for Denver. Learn how they make money with a guided tour that shows every step of the coin making process that turns dull metal slugs into shiny coins.

Denver’s Beer Culture

Denver has a thriving beer culture with over one hundred breweries and tap-rooms and an endless variety of brews created by passionate beer artisans. From pale ales to daring one-off firkins with daring ingredients, some of the most adventurous beers in the U.S. are created here. You can take the Denver Trail to experience thirty of the top beers from this collection.

Foodie’s Paradise

Denver is a popular hub for chef-owned restaurants and at the forefront of the “food hall” revolution. Take your pick of the culinary talent on offer with many dishes made with locally sourced produce. At the ‘Central Market’, more than a dozen food outlets offer patrons superb freshly baked bread, wood-fired pizzas, and gourmet chocolates. ‘The Source’ is an artisan market that is housed in the former Denver iron works foundry.